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“Tracy is a very motivational trainer. Her positive attitude and friendly personality combined with her interest in each individual make her an excellent instructor. I really appreciate how Tracy keeps up with the latest research in the field and shares it with her students. Personally, I have noticed great improvement in my on-the-road cycling since taking her classes.”  -Peggy
"Tracy is an exceptional coach and trainer!  I know her as a result of taking part in her spinning classes.  Tracy is the consummate professional:  she does her research, she takes great care in understanding her clients' needs, and she is an inspirational leader!  Her classes are well structured, have a clear objective and Tracy always takes the time to answer questions.  Her approach gets results, and what's more, her classes are always fun.  I highly recommend Tracy to anyone seeking a personal trainer, or cycling/spin class leader."  -Nancy McMahon
"While taking a spin class with Tracy is always really fun and believe me that is important when we are grinding it out, I think the best part is the sense of total confidence I have in the science and data behind her method. She is very knowledgeable about the latest fitness and health science and uses it to develop her weekly programs. Can’t say enough about how much I appreciate this about Tracy." 
-Margaux Beland
"After struggling with big hill climbs on a cycling trip to Majorca, Spain, I joined Tracey’s cycling group and spin classes as a way to improve my strength and endurance. Tracey’s patience, knowledge of both body and bike mechanics, systemic approach to training with a purpose, and her personalized recommendations resulted in a great improvement in my strength and technique. Two years later, at 59, I now ride much faster, with much less pain, and much more pleasure (even when she “encourages” me to do six hill repeats of Pink Lake in Gatineau Park 😉)! My husband was so impressed, he bought me the Red Polka Dot jersey worn by the King of the Mountain during the Tour de France😁."  -Patty - Queen of the Mountain
"TJ Fit's classes are always so engaging. The time races by. Tracy herself exudes "client care" - she is always both encouraging you, while also pushing you to do your personal best. It's always just about you. The thoughtfulness she puts into the session design itself and education both during and "between classes" leave you knowing you made the right choice. There's a reason that people stay with her for many years and follow her classes around the City!"  -Rick Norland
“Tracy is an amazing fitness coach. I was new to spinning and cycling. With Tracy’s training and support I got much stronger and was able to cycle the Cabot Trail. It was an amazing accomplishment – a trip of a lifetime - and something that I would never have accomplished on my own. Since then I’ve had many cycling adventures, some close to home but many in Europe, all with the support of Tracy’s training."  -Marsha
"We have been riding with Tracy (indoor and outdoors) for several years. Her encouragement, positivity and expert knowledge all contribute to reaching our goals. Tracy follows up with us and keeps us engaged at all times, which really helps in encouraging commitment to the effort. The indoor sessions include discussions on the latest science behind the training approaches she’s using and the different workouts we’re doing. Tracy is well read on the subject and keeps up with the latest research. It’s great to have that perspective. For the outdoor rides, she makes it fun and keeps us motivated to achieve our goals."  -Yvonne and Anton
"Tracy is an excellent instructor/trainer. She has a magical way with people - she can instruct and advise on technique, while being highly supportive and encouraging. Thanks to Tracy, I went from being a brand new rider/spinner to planning a cycling trip around Cape Breton, something that would have been inconceivable prior to meeting her. Through her expert and friendly teaching, she boosts both skill and confidence, and makes hard work fun."  -Kerry
"I so look forward to my regular spinning classes with Tracy, which are a big piece of my physical & emotional fitness routine! She prepares her classes to ensure that we are constantly pushing ourselves without possibly injuring ourselves. She is constantly sharing her physiological knowledge with us to help us take responsibility for our own well-being. Her classes are fun and hard but, even more importantly, they're a coming together of a community of like-minded people - a warm and caring space for everyone."  -Colleen Westeinde
"Tracy is incredibly positive and motivating, while still able to push you to achieve new goals and gives you the tips and targetted training to make them attainable. She is a strong female coach who breaks things down in training so you understand why you are doing things, how to do it with proper form and not get injured, and have fun doing it. She is extremely knowledgeable, dedicated and inspiring. Never having been on a road bike, she made cycling and spinning something accessible, fun, and a new challenge and sport I could enjoy, after years of being too intimidated to try. Highly recommended!"  -Jen Saxe
"I have known Tracy for about 8 years now and have greatly enjoyed attending her spin classes. Her classes are very inviting and not at all intimidating; participants of all levels are welcomed and made to feel comfortable. Participants can expect to be challenged while enjoying a relaxed atmosphere. Her classes are great for anyone who wants to maintain and improve both their fitness and cycling technique. My fitness and outdoor cycling have definitely improved as a result of attending her classes!"  -Veera
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